"I'm interested in the shared cultures of communities. I put my audience at the forefront of my work and use art to celebrate, inquire into, and memorialize their lives."

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Zachary Trebellas is a conceptual artist who takes inspiration from the culture and history around him. He is inspired by older forms of creativity like folk art or depression-era public art, both of which insert art into people's everyday lives and reflect the culture in which it is made. In his hometown he's created a street art series asking locals to share their thoughts on the shut down of the town's particle accelerator, in Japan he has recorded stories of the past told by residents of a depopulating fishing village, and currently he is working to create a contemporary version of Michigan's Native burial mounds.

Originally from Chicagoland, he studied Art History and Visual Art Management at Columbia College Chicago, graduating magna cum laude in 2010. His personal love of art deeply motivates him to bring opportunities to enjoy and create art to diverse audiences. Since graduating, he followed this passion by working and volunteering for non-profit art organizations in Chicago, namely Marwen and Sixty Inches From Center. Following this, he spent two years organizing community art projects in rural Japan during his time as an English teacher with the JET Program.

Enthralled by Grand Rapids' momentum as an art city, he moved there from Chicago in 2015 ready to dive into its art community. Since then he has become a volunteer with Avenue for the Arts, UICA, and Art Hack and organized art exhibitions and projects with the Collective Artspace, Avenue for the Arts, UICA, Art Prize, and the Burton Heights neighborhood.


ザッカリ・トレベラスはシカゴ出身の美術家と美術関係の職業人です。2010年にコロンビア・カッレジ・シカゴで美術史と芸術マネージメントを専攻し、優秀な成績で卒業しました。ザッカリは、様々な人が 美術に触れることで、楽しんでもらいたいと、卒業してからは、シカゴで美術のNPO団体でボランティアしたり働いたりしました。その後、熊本県天草市でJETプログラムのALT(外国語指導助手)を務め、その間、日本の地方で様々なコミュニティーアート(美術を媒介として地域の新たな価値の創造を目指す活動)に取り組んでいました。