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Fruit Punch

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Fruit Punch is a creative outlet markedly different from my visual work. The raps I create are homoerotic and confessional with topics ranging from comedic (men’s bodies, buying jeans) to serious (greed, gay marginalization). In both music and performance I’m inspired by Kpop and British new wave in equal measure. I’m always thinking up new ways to thrill the audience, whether that’s with surprise backup dancers, costumes changes, or a well-timed exercise bike. From start to finish I view myself as a pop artist, so I work to create an entertaining show and connect with my audience.

I’ve performed at theaters, hair salons, bars, garages, and back yards. My first demos and recent music videos are below. My instagram is here. If you like what you hear, contact me for bookings.

Upcoming shows
•Saturday July 6. Pyramid Scheme Local Showcase #31. Grand Rapids, MI
•Friday September 13. Album Release Show. Location TBA, Grand Rapids, MI

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